Call me Timshmael ("Tim")

Call me Timshmael. Ha! Can you imagine if that’s how I started my story? What kind of a lame idea is that anyway? But in very little to no seriousness, there are those who call me Tim. A little about myself: I’m a big hairy guy, not like your uncle that lives in the van in your driveway, but more of a missing link kind of thing. That’s right. I’m a Sasquatch. A Bigfoot. Wild Man of the Woods, Gigantopithecus Libbytimberus and all that. Fine. I made the “Libbytimberus” thing up because it made me laugh and think of the coyote in those old cartoons with the roadrunner. So why did I decide to live in Kootenai Country Montana? It was a general feeling of overcrowding. Too many people moving in. Too many crowds. Long lines of cars driving into my back yard. But many of you know exactly how that feels, right? So I moved West, and once I found this unique, beautiful place, I knew I was truly home.

So welcome to our website. When I was asked to be a spokesman/travel guide for Kootenai Country Montana, I saw it as a unique opportunity to expose this beautiful, special place to the entire world. Contrary to popular belief, and my previous rantings, I am a social animal. But in all things there must be balance. Kootenai Country Montana has that balance. It is the perfect happy medium between vibrant, thriving communities and the quiet peace and solitude of the wild open spaces so few and far between in this country. I Relish the thought of being able to tell you all about how amazing life is here, and genuinely hope you will join me. Here in this rare, remote place there is plenty of room for us all. So take your time reading through all of the nearly limitless outdoor recreation opportunities, enjoying the stunning photography, and dreaming about a vacation or even a life here with us. By the time you are finished you will believe as I have come to that this is truly The Last Best Place in “The Last Best Place”.